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Sep 3, 2010 9:00pm EDT
1995, an eastpointe cop named derek mclaughlin, mac to one and all, got promoted to the detective division's youth bureau that handled 40 to 50 juvenile cases a month. >> my chief came down and threw this box on my desk. he said this is an old file. he says, it's still an open case. he said, i want you to solve it. >> reporter: solve it. >> solve it. >> reporter: mac stayed late that night, reading the yellowing case files. in cindy's old snapshots, in her diary, she looked and sounded to him like a happy, normal kid, not a potential runaway. the business about the crush on scott jumped out at him as what he'd need to find out to advance the case. >> the whole case intrigued me. >> reporter: why? >> i read all the statements that detective davis had filled out, all the interviews that she conducted. there are some things that were popping out at me that were substantial. >> reporter: one thing really stood out. the lead that linda bronson, the mother of cindy's boyfriend, had given detective davis. it was a bombshell. >> after thinking about it for a short time, i realized that ar
Sep 17, 2010 4:30am EDT
on fannie mae and freddie mac. we are now joined by mike van zalingen / neighborhood housing services of chicago. this week we have learned that fannie mae and freddie mac are sitting on at least $11 billion of bad loans that banks made that did not meet the lending requirements. are banks legally obligated to buy those loans back? yes absolutely they have warranties and contractual obligations that say if you give fannie mae and freddie mac junk loans you have to buy them back. this week we learned that banks have been stalling for three months from buying back these bad loans. why are they stalling? they do not want to take the risk. we are talking about $11 billion worth of bad loans that they have to buy back. they do not wanna spend money to buy loans back because if they buy them they have to deal with them. they do not want that headaches so they are dodging their obligations. that could be a huge hit to their capital cushions right? absolutely a few billion dollars is a lot of money. you say we could be looking at allot more than 11 billion dollars and that that is ju
Sep 23, 2010 11:00pm EDT
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Sep 29, 2010 12:00pm CDT
next, we will talk with the daughter of the late comedian bernie mac about a very special event taking place this weekend. >>> and being passed across the country. now new findings that those who text while driving may not prevent accidents. >> and the chicago chamber choir opens its 15th season next month. we are happy to have a choir performing for us today. [ male announcer ] do you have questions about medicare? are you new to medicare? unitedhealthcare medicare solutions can help give you the answers you're looking for. with over 25 years of experience working with medicare, unitedhealthcare can help with the confusion. call or go to now. we'll also send you this free guide full of helpful information. medicare has two parts, parts a and b, to help cover a lot of your expenses. like doctor visits, and hospital care. but they still won't cover all of your costs. unitedhealthcare can give you what you need to help keep you informed. i'm looking for help paying for my prescriptions. [ male announcer ] that's a part d prescription drug plan. the guide will help g
Sep 19, 2010 2:30am EDT
about your ideas to fix fannie mae and freddie mac. you called for forming a giant government agency with tighter regulations. is your idea getting any traction? can you explain how it may work? >> well, it's not getting much traction, but the fact is that 95% of the mortgages these days that are generated and that are issued are basically being guaranteed by fannie mae and freddie mac. that's the reality. and the reason it's the reality is that in terms of the private mortgage market, that lenders are requiring down payments of 20, 30, and in some cases 40%. and so the cost of that financing is prohibitive. my point is simply it's better to have the private market in the housing market in terms of finance, but it's not likely to be a significant influence. and it will be much more costly. and so for the next few years, for the next two, three, four, five years, let's examine possibilities in the out years, but let's maintain government influence, because the financing is much, much cheaper. the difference is 4% in terms of agency financing, perhaps 7% in terms of private mortgage fi
Sep 18, 2010 10:00am EDT
-span. >> next, a hearing on the mortgage holding companies, fannie mae and freddie mac. both have been under government control since the 2008 financial crisis. last month, financial services committee chairman said freddie and fannie ought to be abottle issued. this subcommittee hearing is 2 1/2 hours. >> without objection, all members' opening statements will be part of the record. pursuant to committee rules and prior discussions, each side will have 15 minutes for opening statements. without objection, all members' opening statements will be made part of the record. i yield to myself five minutes. good morning. we meet today to focus on many strat fannie mae and freddie mac and the federal agencies to limit capital infusions into the two housing enterprises. this hearing is also the sixth in a series that we have so far convened this congress to examine the future of housing finance. two years have now past since the federal housing agency placed fannie mae and freddie mac under conserve toreship. at the request of then treasure secretary henri paul sen, this law provided the
Sep 2, 2010 9:00pm PDT
june of last year. we looked at the sheriff's report on tazer incidents in 2009. mac farland case was one of the 87 times marin deputy drew their tazer last year. not all of them fired their did he vases. in mac farland case the deputy did. the tazing occurred just after paramedic had treated him for injuries suffered when he fell down the steps. mac farland admits he was drinking that night. suddenly 2 deputy arrived. this video is from a camera mounted on the deputy's tazer. the laser beam targeted on mcfar land chest. deputy says he is going to take him to the hospital because he may be suicidal. >> take you to the hospital for evaluation. you stated if you had a gun would you somewhat yourself in the head. >>reporter: mac farland made the crack because of the pain of his injuries. he continues refusing the deputy's command the deputyr else be tazed. fires not once but three time times. >> about stay down. [ screaming] stop resisting. stop resisting. stop resisting. [ screaming]. >> stop resisting. stop resisting. stop. stop resisting. bleep. stop resisting. stop resisting. if stop
Sep 7, 2010 6:00pm PDT
mac arthur en los angeles se vio envuelto en una protesta, esto hizo que la policía actuara con bombas antimotires. >> seis personas fueron arrestadas, cuando la policía ordenó que se dispersara la protesta. >> ignoramos de donde provinieron los disturbios de anoche, no provino de la gente guatemalteca. >> la noche anterior el hombre murió a manos de la policia quienes aseguraron que el hombre portaba un cuchillo >> ante la controversia está la necesidad de una investigación. >> la policía tiene derecho a detener a la gente, pero no a matar. >> ni a un animal se le puede hacer eso. >> la muerte de este hombre ya es la segunda en menos de 15 dias que pone entredicho a la policía de los angeles. jaime garcía univisión. >> la construccion de una mezquita cerca de la zona cero sigue provocando polemica a eso tambien que un pastor quemará ejemplares del corán. . . >>> lío está armando un pastor de una iglesia que planea hacer un acto el 11 de septiembre. la autoridad le pide que no lo haga. >> la preocupación aumenta mientras se acercan el aniversario de 11 de septiembre. el p
Sep 9, 2010 6:30pm PDT
investors' fears about the economy eased. freddie mac says the average rate for a 30-year fixed loan was 4.35%, up from 4.32% the week before. the average rate on a 15-year loan was unchanged at 3.83%. that's the lowest rate on record since freddie mac started tracking the 15-year in 1991. >> tom: the food and drug administration is putting makers of electronic cigarettes on notice-- it claims they use illegal marketing practices. the f.d.a. sent letters to five companies today saying, because e-cigarettes are marketed as tools to help people quit smoking, they should be regulated as drugs. the f.d.a. wants the companies to prove e-cigarettes are safe, and whether those devices are effective in helping people stop smoking. so far, no comment from the companies. bupupututuuuuuu? >> susie: political analysts are predicting a divided congress after the november elections. that could be a good thing-- tonight's commentator explains why washington thrives on gridlock. he's todd buchholz, author of "lasting lessons from the corner office." >> what's more boring than a bunch of pundits b
Sep 18, 2010 5:30am EDT
$750. if you are a mac person, mac book pro offers great programs. >>> a retired executive who is young at heart starts his dream business. a wild west dude ranch. ♪ [trumpet playing "reveille" throughout] reviving the economy means reinventing the way we do business. here's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence] >>> our young intrapreneurs know what it's like to have investors to make their products grow. >>> hi, i am president of the mp global connect. we are an exclusive brand of teas. the tea is currently distristri yao ted. now, what is special about the tea is packaging and story. fibers taken from the trees on paradise farms in surrounding areas. the concept was to teach the women farmers how to use the research of the rain forest to create sustainable economics in a social business here in the u.s. our company is looking for $300,000 to purchase inventory to go to scale. you can expect a convertible rate of return, so we hope you will join us. >> well, you did a great job. the secret is monica is also a performer, so i expected great th
Sep 24, 2010 4:00am PDT
like the bottom of the barrel. >> the next record they'll break. now mac and cheese people ate. >> yeah. all you can eat contest of mac and cheese would be interesting. let's chat about your forecast. very warm conditions in the eastern half of the country. cooler air coming down from canada. the west coast, you have been cool as of late, but at warm-up this weekend. a big front in the middle of the country, dividing the air to the east. another system in the northern rockies and another big storm in the gulf of alaska affecting mostly british columbia a few clouds from seattle to the puchapucget sound. it will be warm. temperatures are going to jump especially saturday into sunday. the only cool spot behind this little clipper-type system that's really moving fast through the northern rockies. the forecast for today, as i mentioned, the only chilly air up in seattle. everybody else, mild. beautiful around boise and vegas, nice. 96. you'll get hotter. phoenix, back up into the triple digits. los angeles, beautiful, warm weather, middle of summer-type weather over the next coupl
FOX News
Sep 18, 2010 11:30am EDT
mae and freddie mac are not in a crisis. >> cheryl: barney frank about to repeat history? what the massachusetts democrat is pushing fannie and freddie to do now that some say will make the last crisis look like a picnic. hey, lawrence, my parents want to talk to you. oh. about what? uh, they don't really think you're an exchange student. what? they think you're a businessman, using our house to meet new clients in china. for reals, player? [ woman saks chinese ] they overheard a phone call. speaks chinese ] something about shipping with fedex to shanghai. and then you opened a bottle of champagne. that was for a science project. [ man and woman speaking chinese ] i'm late for..occer... rehearsal. [ man speaks chinese ] you and i are cool? i'll be home by curfew. [ male announcer ] we understand.® you need a partner who can help you go global. fedex. >> cheryl: coming up, barney frank at it again to call for fannie and freddie to back more home loans. didn't that get us in the mess in >>> hello, everybody. i'm uma pemmaraju in washington. lisa murkowski has now re-entered the sena
Sep 16, 2010 4:30am EDT
from the stocks. thank you angie. and government mortgage finance agency's freddie mac and fannie mae have been trying to force banks to buy back $11 billion worth of bad loans that they made because it did not meet underwriting guidelines. well, this week agency officials say those banks have been stalling for more than three months. and first, let's head over to the cme group and join george tkaczuk of rmb group. george, we've got the s&p 500 up at resistance levels up for the s&p 500 around 1120. so how do you think this could play out, could we actually see a break out or not? i think it's very possible we can. what we week in august the market bottomed. since the market's been moving up really on a strong basis, the up days have been a stronger volume than the down days. we've haven't seen any significant selling days. and along with this we have the retail sector participating, it's come off its bottom. you got the financials participating, then the tech sector, software sector which really didn't correct much at all through this whole period during the summer. it's really l
Sep 5, 2010 9:00am EDT
. >> and this one is for mac users? >> when you purchase a mac, it is promoted it has very -- it is pre-loaded. they can really set it up and monitor the child's internet usage. >> of the same idea just for mac. great advice. thank you so much. up next, we will take you to the kitchen outside and>> welcome b. time for sunday brunch. joining us is a chef from primary. -- prime rib. >> thank you for having his back. we have two wonderful recipes we serve at the prime rib. you can find these on line and follow along. we have our grilled jumbo marinated shrimp. these can easily be done outside on the grill or inside in the kitchen. we have a marinade for the shrimp which is teriyaki, white wine, lemon juice and we marinate the shrimp for about three or four hours. bemis extra virgin olive oil briefly on each side for 30 seconds on a hot grill. we service on a bed of a vase body rise -- basmati rice. it is a wonderful lowfat dish. it has no butter. the second item is our new york strip steak with dry aged prime rib. we use it with a coarse grindined black pepper. you can steer the size s
Sep 20, 2010 5:00am EDT
visit so, get this -- kraft mac & cheese... but it's in a bag. and you bake it... in the oven. whatever happened to cheesasaurus rex? i love that guy. well, kraft corporation, i'm on to you -- going after the grown-ups and trying to muscle me out. but i'm not going anywhere. [ male announcer ] new kraft homestyle macaroni & cheese. cheesy noodles topped with golden brown breadcrumbs. you know you love it. >> we have a consumer alert for you this morning. the feds have hit the cards with some of the biggest credit card industries. looking at the new fees. banks are now charging higher fees on some things they can, and in some cases, adding feed. >> it's like playing whack-a-mole. >> karen malee was shocked she was charged for a transaction fee when she never left the country. she had a statement fee of $2,400. some of the credit card companies are putting the fees to the rise. the banks say the new reform rules crippled their income. and they are on the hunt for some new revenue from you. they are experimenting with a new business model. looking at the business r
Sep 6, 2010 11:00pm PDT
los transeuntes cerca a mac arthur park...---hoy las personas se pretguntaban por que no usaron un arma aturdidora contra el inmigrante. ---nos vamos a una nueva pausa... y en dos minutos regresamos con el increible aumento... ---en el numero de arrestos y fallecidos en las calles del estados y la bahia por conduir en estados de ebriedad... ya vo. volvemos. --- las agencias del orden publico dierpon a conocer las cifra de arrestados en este fin de semana largo--- largo------y es que hasta el informe de esta tarde, los oficiales habian detenido en todo el estado a 1,360 personas por manejar bajo la influencia del alcohol--- ---221 de ellos en la bahia--- ---mas que el ano pasado durante el mismo periodo... ---por lo que se refiere a personas que han fallecido en accidentes, el numero tambien ha aumentado este aÑo------12 personas han muerto, una de ellas aqui en el area de la bahia--- ---esta maÑana la policia de newark encontro el cadaver de julius hughes, de 26 aÑos de edad en la parte trasera de un negocio localizado en el bulevar gateway--- gateway------la policia esta relaci
Sep 24, 2010 5:30am EDT
the ed son with a price of $20,000 e looking for work? mac. why's will hire 65,000 holiday workers. that's a slight increase. the positions will be part time. they will be offered in stores, distribution and call centers across the country. >>> a girl involved in a brutal fistfight. it is caught on tape. it pay not be the most shocking thing about the story. >>> and dramatic pictures, flames racing through a home. let's go to mark jones to see how the trains and buss are moving. >>> good morning out there. you find the numbers 3, 11, 51, 67 taking a detour at charles because of the book festival. the 5 diverted at eager and central. the 10 and 30 at height and prat. grab a book, relax and go to the book festival today, tomorrow and sunday. the light rail stop puts you right there. >>> we're showing the area that has the fog. it is tough to get camera sites. this is a camera site. this is at 70 now. matching the dew point. it is thick fog and visibility cut down and a quarter mile. that may limit your ability to see streetlights and traffic signals and signs. be careful this morning
Sep 8, 2010 12:00am PDT
freddie mac. they were as ropacious as any group. and this is dealt with in great detail in my book which takes very few prisoners on either side in either party. but fannie mae and freddie mac, with the support of people like bonnie frank and even many in the black caucus said, no, no don' tch fane ma and freddie mac, they'll help poor people get into their homes. sure, a lot of minorities got in their homes. they lost their savings. they're now hurting. they're being foreclosed so the dream was not a have, have not thing. it was supposed to be emancipation of americans who were supposed to get a piece of the pie. so the first thing is if we do this thing of keeping people's homes, we're helping a lot of working people and poorer people. this is not something to benefit the rich. the rich made out lik bandits in this kind of market. t secondly i we can'tut floor on housing foreclosures if we can't stem this bleeding right now, we're not going to get consumption back. if we don't get consumption back, people consuming based on their sense of what they're worth, we're not going to ge
Aug 31, 2010 9:00pm PDT
times. tonight vick lee with reaction from the sheriff's department. >>reporter: 64-year-old peter mac farland with a heart condition was tazed rae pete he hadly by a sheriff deputy in june of last year. >> it was excruciating. i never had so much pain in my life. >>reporter: dr. lee is a cardiologist at uc sf and done extensive research on the lethal effect of tazer. >> tazer has some real risk that if you get tazered in the right place that you can cause sudden death cardiac arrest. >>reporter: on that night he had just been treated by paramedic after he injured himself falling down the steps leading to his home. soon after 2 deputy the showed up. >> the sheriff many ran up the stairs into the room here like a bunch of cowboys. >>reporter: this video is from a camera mounted on the deputy's tazer. gun lazer is targeted on mac farland chest. deputy says he's going to take him to the hospital because he may be suicidal. >> take you to the hospital for evaluation. you said if you had a gun you would shot yourself in the head. >>reporter: he says it was just a crack he made because of th
Sep 24, 2010 6:00am EDT
low mortgages. >>> and mac. why's will hire 65,000 workers, an increase and the department store giant is anticipating sales growth for the year. >>> and miles per hours will spend $66 on costumes, candy and decorations. that's from up last yearch that's the money scope report. >>> three out of four parents to not use restraints properly. this week people received points. and we have five mistakes made by parents when they are securing their children in cars. take a look. >> children are precious cargo. you have to get them to their destination safely. one way is proper installation. crashes are the leading cause of death for children 3 to 14 and nearly 9000 lives have been saved from 1975 to 2008 by the proper use of safety seats. here are five mistakes parents make when securing them in cars. extended harness use is the best protection for your child. after that make sure you use the booster seat. you want to use either the lower anchors or the belt but not both. >> the next tip is always refer to the manual and the owner's manual. it will give you all kinds of information not
Sep 22, 2010 6:00am EDT
. >> apple max -- apple mac has been placed as the 1 in the world. >> to appeal to drinkers, budweiser will be holding a second campaign. >>> that's your money report. >> >> is >> if you want your resume on the air, send us your resume, and we will have a 20 second pitch, and we will be putting it on the air and the website. >> now, your forecast. >> we had a beautiful full moon overnight, and it was to the extreme western sky. summer is about to end tonight at 10:00. temperatures in the eastern shore are holding at 68. we have one spot in the 50s. so we are starting to diminish the chill that we had over the last couple of mornings. >>> our cold front is extending to the upper midwest, and that is going to include some downpours. yesterday, the high temperatures may have pulled back a little bit the day before, and memphis, tennessee, hit 100 degrees. 92 degrees in charlotte, and some of the stuff was oozing in our direction. we had a near normal day yesterday of 77, but today we are going to be cranking up the heat. we may have some thunderstorms due to the disturbance of
Sep 12, 2010 7:30am EDT
$750 and if you are a mac person, the full mac experience and you can add on microsoft office suite of programs. when we come back, our young entrepreneurs off more insight as they judge today's elevator pitch for a new line of organic teas and the retired executive who is young at heart starts his dream business. a wild west dude ranch. [trumpet playing "reveille" throughout] reviving the economy means reinventing the way we do business. here's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence] >> our young entr iepreneurs kn what it is like to need investors to make your small business grow so let's see what they have to say about today's elevator pitcher trying to brew up interest in her organic tea company. >> hi. mp mobile connect imports its exclusive brands of tea to the u.s. currently distributed online internationally through our tea club and dining facilities and soon retail at marvelous markets on capitol hill, maryland and virginia. what's special is its packaging and its story. this is banana green tea wrapped in papers. the concept of my compa
Sep 8, 2010 7:00am PDT
. >> gracias celina, en el laberinto mac arthur hay congestion ya volvemos tomas! sigue tond no te detengas... fantástico! en mñxico estan en estado de alerta por las lluvias, masacre en una zapateria de honduras >> y felipe calderon dice que va detras del "chapo" gúzman >> estamos con la doctora isabel que recibio una carta donde una radioescucha le cuenta que su esposo le es infiel, la escuchamos doctora isabel >> muchas gracias celina, bienvenidos todos, en esta carta tenemos varios puntos a subrayar, número uno ella fue su amante antes de casarse, el ahora tiene otras amantes, el no va a cambiar y ella no se por que piensa que es la ultima coca cola del desierto, ella o decide acoplarse a esto o decide cambiar, subir su autestima, yo la verdad no le veo futuro a esta relacion. >> quien el ve esperanza, quien quiere ser la amante de un hombre casado? >> usted me dira que con la edad se vuelven mas infieles. >> el problema con los hombres es que son asi, no creas quelk las personas cambian efectivamente, pocas de estas personas pueden tener una relacion estable. >> imagino qu
Sep 8, 2010 6:00pm EDT
mac donell ordeno al departamento de velos motorizados de hace dos semanas recibi mi permiso de tjo y fui al dmv a aplicar para mi id y la mujer que me atendio me dijo que mi permiso no era aceptado como un documentolegal para tramitar el documento del id la tarjeta de permiso de trabajo es un documento federal que emite el departamento de seguridad interna. y que fue usada para obetener una identificacion estado el inmigrante que causo el accidente en el murio una religiosa, semanas atras. el hecho de que esta persona aya desafortunadament e haya sid ulpabl nos a la comunidad porque se le d un incorrecto para agredirnos y justar didas federal. en esta situacioy ciertos limites donde el estado puede restringir, puede limitar y puede estblecer politicas de que documentos estaya listos para iniciar una demanda legal contra esta medida con el apoyo de abogados defensores de derechos civiles y con testimonios que ya tenemos de la comunidad, porque consideramos que esta medida esta degradando el valor legal de un doc
Sep 23, 2010 5:00am EDT
future for each child will have a mac book laptops. >> and an ipod touch, which is so much more than a music and gaming device. >> that includes ways to take individual quizzes, to store documents. there are already hundreds of applications for educational use. >> you could take notes on them when you go outside. it is preparing us for the future. there is less paper. we will use more technology. >> it is not just teacher standing up there jumping out the information. it is the children bobbing gauging and we're letting the theldren were rrite curriculum. >> more cooperation and partnering and research. children will be in a group work because that is life. too many times we have lagged behind the trends that are already present. >> we have more access to the resources. there is more things we can do. a teacher can pull up the website for us to look at. >> best of all -- >> if we forget something, we have it on our computer. >> that is a plus for teachers. >> while millions are looking for work, the housing market along.ues to limp jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> if we
Sep 20, 2010 4:30pm PDT
being evaluated and mcphee saif you ln this entire area, the base mac. and when you click on the spinal areas, it will say why these pipelines are >> novado, and they are reviewing to see if any repair needs to be repaired. or if anything is warranting a repair? corrosion? and if you'd like to check this out and if there any areas of pipeline and your area? what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. and the detailed section about why these pipelines are being evaluated. >> meanwhile, the first lawsuit ççs evacuated. the company should turnçóxlç over açbnz]ç 100 my fund. to a third party and a monetary damage. and that turned over that $100 million recovery fund. and perhaps if theyç are u!ççoçnotç supervised on te qi%uq%=9mççççró ofççojy xçç residents aret payment. >> and an attempted rape on a jogging trail. and on colleen drive, jeff bush will show you the iran and explain what happened. >> these areçt(xdççqqaçn"ñáxt happened, and these signs are being on the lookout for what happened on the sunday. an attempted ra
Sep 9, 2010 2:30am PDT
580 a la altura de la avenida grand y el bulevar mac arthur. en total fueron cuatro personas las que fueron transportadas a hospitales locales. entrevistamos al sargento joseph selle, del departamento de la policia de oakland quien descarto que el conductor estuviera manejando bajo la influencia del alcohol o drogas pero el sargento aseguro que la investigacion continua pendiente. la rampa de la salida de la autopista 580 donde ocurrio el accidente ya se encuentra abierta. --un adolescente de oakland fue instruido de cargos por la muerte de un estudiante de la preparatoria "skyline.""john martinez" de 18 aÑos, es un presunto pandillero que supuestamente le disparo a la victima identificada como "eric toscano" desde un vehiculo en movimiento el pasado mes de marzo. --el tiroteo ocurrio el dia que toscancumplia 18 aÑos. -martinez fue arrestado el viernes pasado y sera enjuiciado como adulto, pese a que cuando ocurrio el crimen aun tenia 17 aÑos. --las autoridades decidieron reducirle la fianza a un hombre que habia sido acusado de posesion de explosivos.--la semana pasada, las autor
Sep 15, 2010 7:00am EDT
mae and freddie mac and there was a case brought by the u.s. attorney general. the whole case was washed away. they threw it out after 9/11 saying the files were lost in building seven. more importantly, there's been a collusion between government officials and developers for an ever-expanding tax base whereby they built a lot of overpriced homes and didn't really provide housing for the working class people or poor. it was more of an investment class. they built all of these mansions that the working class can't afford and never will afford with the decline in the economy. host: mr. rossi? guest: there are some statistics that would say through all of the subsidies provided to the real estate industry, both commercial but mostly residential the last 50 years that we are overhoused by the tune of 30%, which calls into question something you spoke of, which was noticeably absent from the legislation is what to do with the two government sponsored enterprises, freddie mac and fannie mae. from that standpoint we have a lot of work to address that. because as we know, until we get emp
Sep 24, 2010 3:05am EDT
mac and cheese. they cooked up the mammoth meal in a giant cast iron kettle, looks good. when it was ready, 2,100 pounds of mac and cheese. a light snack. >> it had that crumbly topping, that's what really makes it. the record attempt was a fund-raiser for habitat for humanity. a taste of history was sold for five bucks a bowl. not bad. >> all that king cake this week, now mac and cheese. good eating down there. >> i want to go to new orleans sometime soon. >> give me a ticket. >> we'll be right back. assistance getting around their homes. ere is a medicare benefit that may qualify you for a new power chair or scooter at little to no cost to you. stay tuned for this important medicare benefit information and free scooter guarantee. imagine... one scooter or power chair that could improve your may entitle you to pay little to nothing to own it. one company that can make it all happen ... your power chair will be paid in full. the scooter store. why should you call the scooter store today? because their mobility experts are also medicare experts. and that means the scooter store is
Sep 9, 2010 5:00pm EDT
today from mortgage giants, fannie mae and freddie mac with toner. >> yes. >> you'll be talking about them. >> we are doing this story. okay, they financed the companies and they have burned through $226 billion in the middle of '07. this is according to the first of the series at the quarterly reports from the federal housing finance agencies which regulate fannie mae and freddie mac. they came from guaranteeing the loans on the single family homes that obviously failed. for more on the government report on fannie mae and freddie mac. go to where you live. that's a new section on our website. and it is right at the top of and in this taste, you can click on the capitol hills neighborhood. but there are many more to choose from. >> yes. there he is. >> i'll forecast it. >> okay. >> we are looking at another stretch of the nice weather and it is bad for the fire danger. but good for your hair and everybody else. here is your forecast first. for the next though days, a fantastic finish to the week tomorrow. and sunshine, 78. a little breezy. but wow, what a good deal. 80 on s
FOX News
Sep 7, 2010 4:00pm EDT
freddie mac not been closed down? because whoever is in power, they get that piggy bank. >> could it be the kind offings constitution of frad frad and freddie mac? >>guest: it could fail and the taxpayers have to come to the rescue. >> but it has to be voted for on congress. guess it would be nuts. >> do you thing it will happen? >>guest: no but they throw it out. >> a union slush fund sticks. guess gas it will not play beyond by -- beyond peoria. >> and worries about european banks, with gold up settling at $12.60 an ounce, the highest ever. gold was higher than that a couple of weeks agos. and gold is considered a safe haven investment during uncertain time and the dow losing 100 points and now back underwater for the year 2010. iran, bucking the united nations. a report today, it is barring some inspectors and refusing to fork over information on nuclear activities. [ engine revving ] [ male annouer ] the u.s. gornment may soon require brake override technogy on all new cs and trucks. at nissan, wehink this is a good idea. so we did it... ...six years ago. [ wind howling ] niss
FOX News
Sep 4, 2010 5:00am EDT
two things about fannie mae and freddie mac that they had an important role to play but that regulations should be improved. one other point the senate was drags its feet as often happens and in january of 2008, i asked secretary paulson to put in the stimulus bill. so the earliest chance i got to put tough regulation of fannie mae and freddie mac we did it. >> bill: that's swel. you still went out in july and said everything was great and off that a lot of people bought stock and lost everything they had. >> no. >> bill: oh yes, oh yes. >> i said it wasn't a good investment. >> bill: don't give me that. we heard the words. you didn't say that? do you want me to play it again for you. >> you didn't listen to it. >> bill: i listened to every word that you said and i have the transcript right here. >> i said it wasn't a good investment. >> bill: and you said going forward we're going to be swell. from august '07 to august of '08. look, stop the b.s. here. stop the crap. from august of '07. >> talk over me? showing on you your. the problem going on your show. >> bill: 90%. none
FOX News
Sep 28, 2010 3:00pm EDT
big mac and a large fry and a frosty but you cannot text. what is worse, women painting their nails, or i suppose men who paint their nails are station? eating while driving? playing with the radio while lifing? or a woman nearly backed into a police officer's car because she packed her car with 15 cats. transportation secretary lahood responded to this study calling it "misleading." trace, 15 cats from los angeles. cell phones; are they as dangerous? if i am texting i am distracted. i know i am. >>reporter: you are. the institutes which is a group that refused insurance claims and they say "no," and they took the numbers from the national transportation highway safety board and put them on the screen and here is what they came away with: they say distracting driving last year, 5,474 lost their lives and 995 of those involved cell phones. you see the injuries. so, their premise is, look at the cell phones, and that is 82 percent that do not involve cell phones. that, in fact, what we are doing is focusing so much on cell phones that we are not focusing on what you just said. that is
Sep 8, 2010 6:00pm PDT
for dave mackelhadden. the man known to many as mac spent 50 years on air was in television and radio. his former colleagues speak fondly of this icon. >> he was a kind, gentle spirit. there was no meanness and he was beloved he passed away in his home near palm springs from a stroke-related illness. he leaves behind a wife two, children and eight grandchildren. good guy. mac was 81. back in a moment. man: we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on! woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! how about a nice home for our tv? how about doors to hide that drive-in theater? how about a cowhide rug? yee-haw! and the snacks? get their own place. let the marathon begin! >>> for last several weeks we've been asking thank you send us individual yes of thing that's need to be fixed in your neighborhood. >> and tonight abc 7 has the story of a fence that is falling apart. >> all pickets on the fence are coming out from erosion. >> jerry davis showed thus video of a fengs separating his
Sep 29, 2010 6:00am EDT
into is ways to change what fannie mae and freddie mac do in terms of allowing people to refinance their mortgages. significant shares owe more than the homes are worth. lot of others have positive equity but not very much. that prevents them from refinanceing in the way they might otherwise refinance given how far mortgage rates have fallen. number of those floated by analysts and advocates to relax the rule that fanny and freddie mac impose on being able to refinance your mortgage. looking at this now, our two work is at a preliminary stage but that fits the outside people, that one could improve the cash flow of home own ers by tens of millions a year through relaxation of the refinancing. letting people take advantage in the decline in rates. that they can't now because of the decline in-house prices and there might beacon sequences of that from the federal budget. i don't want to suggest it's a free lunch but there's reasons to think it's a piece of stimulus working through the housing sector. >> and in correlation to that. i just recently had a major car dealer get in touch w
Sep 1, 2010 6:00am PDT
"the early show." erica hill joins us from new york. >> good morning. how are you? >> good. >> mac or pc? >> you know, i want a mac because i -- i'm totally attracted to it. all this is so cool. and i feel like i would be cooler but i have no apple products. my husband has an. phone and i have such app envy i can't tell you. >> app envy. >> but i need a keyboard. i need a solid keyboard. >> yeah. yeah. yeah. except -- >> so if you're listening, steve jobs, hook me up, solid keyboard and iphone. i'll let you know when he calls me. [ laughter ] >> ahead this morning, we are really focused here on the east coast on earl which of course even though it's happening on the east coast i know could affected you guys in california not only because a lot of people across the condition try have their families and friends spread out across the country but when it comes to travel, everything else, we know how a storm anywhere in the country can disrupt the country. it's category 3. dave price is live in north carolina and will look at the current path the projected path of the storm. >>> in his add
Sep 10, 2010 4:00am EDT
. >>> don't look now but record-low mortgage rates are inching higher. freddie mac pegged the average rate at 4.35%, the first weekly rise since mid-june. various reports say later this morning ing pt barack obama will name longtime economic adviser austan goolsbee as chairman of his economic advisory to replace one who left last week to return to teaching. >> and finally a disappointed romanian lawmaker who drafted a proposal to tax witches and fortune tellers claims lawmakers were frightened into rejecting the tax because they were afraid of being cursed. >>> well, tom brady takes a hit, home run leaders add to their totals, and a rare steal of home. >>> plus the saints come marching into the new nfl season with a win over the vikings. your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. >>> we're watching for rain over the weekend. your regional forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today." for those of us who have lactose intolerance, let's raise a glass to cookies just out of the oven. to the morning bowl of cereal. and to lactaid® milk. easy to digest and with all th
Sep 2, 2010 5:30am EDT
back to savis onverything on your li at staples that was easy. so, get this -- kraft mac & cheese... but it's in a bag. and you bake it... in the oven. whatever happened to cheesasaurus rex? i love that guy. well, kraft corporation, i'm on to you -- going after the grown-ups and trying to muscle me out. but i'm not going anywhere. [ male announcer ] new kraft homestyle macaroni & cheese. cheesy noodles topped with golden brown breadcrumbs. you know you love it. >>> it's big, it's powerful and not going away. >> hurricane earl is barreling through the atlantic this morning. as it gains momentum, it will first take aim on north carolina. places like kitty hawk and atlanta beach are all expected to get hit hard. emily schmitt has more from north carolina this morning. >> reporter: this is the eye of hurricane earl, an area of calm in the midst of what is a monster category four storm, threatening more of the east coast than any hurricane in nearly 20 years. that means people are on their way out. >> they won't let us stay. they'll make us sit in this traffic. >> roads will be overwas
Sep 1, 2010 3:00am PDT
and freddie mac, it is not possible to use supervisor mar and the mayor created, to put expenses for upgrades for efficiency on your house on your mortgage, so that means that we need to be more proactive and create a program, so i would urge you8k! to helpe the first steps to deal[é)@ñ this sludge problem and other waste problems like it, to include in your master plan for sewage system master plan, a pilot project for various types of composting and other similar types of toilets so that we can see what works, what is the to given away. if you would, when that whole process comes up for a final vote, include a good, comprehensive final project for any other public comment? next speaker please. >> thank you. my name is page thomas elliott. i'm from the center for food commission on the sewage sludge composting issue, and it still has not been formally answered, formal response to the petition, and since the issue will be on the agenda in wf additional comment then on the issue as well as provide additional statements, and we wanted to inform the commission that we will take all l
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